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The St. Pete Retreat(SPR)is an urban tropical retreat in
St Petersburg FL.
We specialize in couples events, alternative lifestyles, tantra, kink,
The Erotic Blueprints(™)
and relationships. 
We love creating immersive experiences, sexuality coaching, CNM and alternative
relationship styles,

practitioner mentoring, private retreats, classes and workshops. One of a kind, unique couples retreats and private coaching immersions are some of our most requested offerings.

 The Sex Coach Couple From Florida,USA
Blue to Cream Gradient
Married 25yrs

"We were able to try something new and out of the box to spice things up...and it was HOTT!"

Blue to Cream Gradient
in CNM lifestyle for over 15 years 

"We love coming to St Pete Retreat. The openness and accepting attitude of everyone involved is so fun and welcoming"

Blue to Cream Gradient
Single and loving it!

"Educators are professional and have the talent to present the material in a fun way. They make everything so easy to understand"


Whether you are curious about tantra classes, want to explore something different to you,
or are a seasoned lifestyle pro, we provide a space for open minded people to be in community, explore, play and receive support.

Discretion is important to us and we respect the privacy of others. Our bespoke couples workshops, couples events and retreats are completely confidential. As well as all events and coaching we provide.
We are 100% invested in our participants and clients. We care about you as an  individual and are honored to co-create evolutionary experiences with you.


Declaration of Inclusivity

We actively co-create community by providing an inclusive space for people (over 18 years old), regardless of their race, culture, religious background, socio-economic status, gender identity, gender expression, lifestyle, sexual preferences and relationship status. Through practicing acceptance,  curiosity, compassion, 
courage and returning to love.

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