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Erotic Alignment

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

When folx are in recovery I believe it is important to include sxuality in their recovery program from the beginning.

In recovery we get to find a new way to live. We redefine our values, what personal beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings we have about everything, including s3x.

The challenge is we have not had time or a safe space (without moralization and medicalization) to consciously consider and explore what these values are to us.

Many of us go through life making unconscious decisions about sex and relationships.

Living out of alignment with our values makes us feel unsafe. Oftentimes we go around with this underlying feeling of tension, projecting our unconscious beliefs onto others and situations in our life. Leading us to repeat the same destructive, disappointing patterns over and over again.

Want to get out of this loop?

Ready to start living from a feeling of safety, confidence in your full expression and wholeness?

Do you want to have the relationship of your dreams?

Want to choose ideal partners?

Interested in deepening and expanding your connection with yourself and your partner?

The honest truth is that we need to be in alignment with our sx ual values

being in alignment with our values allows all of these amazing things to flow

so what are your sx ual values?

many have never thought about it or explored what love, sex, intimacy, pleasure really means to them

I have a fun easy way to start to explore this topic I want to share with you it's called

Erotic Alignment

If you or someone you know are ready to start making healthy, conscious decisions in sex and relationships....

Live in Erotic Alignment

schedule a call today to learn more about next steps.

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