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Johnny Vajra at St Pete Retreat

Johnny Vajra

Johnny Vajra, co-founder of St. Pete Retreat, and

founder of Metagene Health, is a Sexual Alchemist,

Intimacy Coach and Alternative Life-Stylist.  Johnny incorporates sacred sexuality, conscious kink, and

watchful meditation to promote conscious community

via workshops, immersion experiences and couples retreats.. 


Johnny Vajra is an ISTA L3 Graduate and is a

certified Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Advanced Reiki, Tantra Coach,

Intuitive Energy Worker, and Theta Healing Practitioner. 

Certified by Laurie Handlers as a Sex and Happiness Coach

and Jaiya as a Certified Erotic Blueprint(tm) Coach.


Growing up a JW and embarking on the journey of

non-traditional living, Johnny’s commitment to

self-healing has led him down some quirky paths,

including open relating, tantra, and conscious kink.

Johnny enjoys engaging in ethical conversations that

create safe spaces for play and kinky exploration.


Johnny hosted a men’s leadership mastermind titled,

‘The Luminary Lab’, and has hosted various

Tantra & Kink focused workshops.  Johnny is also

a ISTA L3 & Practitioner Training (PT) Graduate. 

He has been an honored felicitator at multiple

tantra festivals (in the US and abroad), FetCon,

Interfusion Festival, online and in person conventions.

Currently the host of Once A Munch, couples retreats

and immersions sessions at SPR independently

and with his wife, co facilitator and

business partner Stacie Ysidro.

Johnny Vajra 

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