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For Singles

We have noticed for singles, there are some common threads...

Are you finding it increasingly challenging to meet individuals who truly resonate with you? Do you long for the relationship of your dreams, but feel unsure where to begin?

You are not alone or broken, it is simply divine time to upgrade your

sex and relationships and write your own script. Immersive experiences are the best way to learn about sexuality and relationships.


 It's time to expand and deepen your understanding, experience and embodiment of sexuality and relationships, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

As a single person navigating the complexities of modern dating, it's natural to encounter fears of rejection, disappointment, and uncertainty. From the anxieties of online dating to the pressures of balancing work, family, and social life, the path to meaningful connections can seem unattainable. 

I know what it's like,  to experience fear of rejection, shame, guilt, disappointment,

to be afraid of something being different than what you expected.

Identifying who I am, with something that happened. Feeling nervous or anxious. Feeling self-conscious. Being concerned about privacy, health, money and safety.

It seems like there are more challenges to making friends and maintaining

relationships with all of the responsibilities of family, work, play and self care.

We believe that true fulfillment begins with self first. Aligning our inner and

outer worlds. The honest truth is that we need to know what it means to be in alignment with ourselves in order to find an ideal partner and to be in deeper connection with others. We need to know what our sexual values are and live them. Imagine freely, openly sharing your desires, boundaries and fantasies.

Many have never thought about or explored what: love, sex, intimacy, pleasure really means to them or what is important and valuable.

Step away from the endless swiping and scrolling.

Our unique, offline events provide a relaxed setting for you to

connect with like-minded individuals authentically.

Unlock your ability to create safety within yourself and communicate your

desires, boundaries, and values effectively. Break free from dominant cultural norms that are no longer relevant to you. Self-acceptance and empowerment in your sexuality and relationships is right here, right now for you. Unlock your ability to create safety. Craft a clear vision of the self and relationship you desire, and learn practical strategies to manifest your goals in real time.

 We understand the importance of creating a supportive community where you can explore, grow, and thrive. Our holistic approach to sex and relationships empowers you to break free from limiting beliefs, express authenticity, and attract fulfilling connections into your life.

 The journey of self-discovery through sexuality and relationships is both empowering, liberating and magical. Whether you're seeking to overcome challenges, clarify your desires, or manifest the relationship of your dreams, we will provide the tools, space, and community you need to bloom into the next evolution of you. 


Get ready to step into the quantum realm of possibility.


Meet new people, try something new and practice what you know.

You can attend many classes or events Solo

unless it specifically says couples,

you do not need a partner.

Most classes are

self and group focus vs partner focused.

Participate in the community all while getting

really connected to and confident in self.

We are all in this together.

Immerse yourselves in unique experiences designed to spark connection, healing, and expansion. Kinky Congress is for solo attendance and partners. Everyone is welcome in this sexy lab to experiment, learn, play and connect.

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It's all you my friend! Personalized to your journey, private immersion sessions are a great way to learn, practice and experience exactly what you want! Coaching, bodywork, rituals, and ceremonies all designed especially for you.

Escape to tropical surroundings on a journey of self-discovery and evolution. Our Retreat pages are for everyone. If you do not have a partner we will design the experience just for you! Personalized entheogenic immersion retreats are some of the most requested and transformational.



"I learned to always be true and authentic to myself. I will never NOT be myself again"

Sarasota Single

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