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In the sacred union of primary partnership, we have uncovered profound insights for couples. Long-term companions who share a deep bond

embark on a journey of exploration, forming constellations of love and intimacy with people around them. We can create our universe consciously with intention or unconsciously.

Whether you're entering a new phase of life with more time for connection or

seeking to spice up your relationship, we're here to guide you through every ebb and flow.

We invite you to be an active co creator in your world and the galaxy you inhabit.

Now is the time.

On this page you will see options for couples to explore. From online couples coaching to

in person immersive experiences, classes for couples, special events and couples retreats.

We have a fun way of classifying how spicy an event is so you can choose

what you're in the mood for. It's called the chili pepper system:

Green is mild, Red is spicy, Multiple Red is the most explicit.

Everything we do is always based on consent no matter how spicy the event is.

You get to participate at your comfort level.


Everything that we offer is open to couples. however unless the event specifically

says couples it is NOT partner-based and you do not need a partner for it. 

The events that specifically say couples you DO need a partner for and they are partner focused.


We go through different states and stages of sexuality individually and collectively as a couple. There are times in partnership where we

create an opportunity to expand deeper into the love that we are and

share together. As couples evolve, so do their desires and needs.

From revitalizing stagnant routines and boring date nights to embracing curiosity, playfulness  and accessing transformational states of intimacy,

we offer a space for and a pathway to deeper connection, trust,

and pleasure. 


Perhaps you've been in a low libido or in a resting or healing state

and are ready to be more curious and adventurous.

We can help you create consistency and more engagement.

Are the kids are getting older and you have more time to yourself or 

you're simply at a place in your life where you and your significant other 

are ready to prioritize your intimacy and partnership. 


Do you love where you're at and want to expand , have more fun, more pleasure ?

Have you gone through all of the motions and enjoyed them for what they are and now are wondering what else is possible??

We call this a transformational state.

Deepen your intimacy, trust, connection through energy and

sacred sexuality and tantric practice. We can co create rituals

and ceremonies that facilitate healing, expansion and more pleasure!


Whether you're curious about alternative relationship styles or facing challenges along the way, our supportive community and experienced coaches are here to accompany you on your journey. Interestingly, many couples are curious about alternative styles of relating such as CNM or ENM, swinging, kink or polyamory. 


Even when we desire to explore, stuff can still come up. Past patterns from negative experiences can reemerge. Life transitions bring new insight and feelings into our awareness.  Fear, insecurity… What happens if my partner wants something I am not comfortable with? What about jealousy?

What if something happens that ruptures our trust and foundation?


It's understandable you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or get your feelings hurt. Having comfort and support of a coach and community

is the best way to navigate these real life experiences that appear as we explore. Our experience has shown us that what we imagine something

is in our brain can be very different in the body and real life situations.

Gratefully, that is not always a bad thing!

We believe that every partnership holds the potential for profound

growth and transformation. Orgasmic life force energy is what makes

us alive, it is the power of creation. Exploring our sexuality is one of

the most impactful pathways to personal, spiritual evolution.

Our relationships are our greatest teachers. 

Whether you're seeking to reignite the spark or explore the

magical unknown together, we will provide the space, tools, support, encouragement and guidance you need

to create the sex life and relationships beyond your dreams!

Welcome to a space where ecstasies,  exploration, healing,

and expansion await.


Explore practical techniques and insights to enhance communication, intimacy, and pleasure in a supportive group setting.

Immerse yourselves in unique experiences designed to spark connection, healing, and expansion in your relationship.


Tailored sessions catered specifically to your needs, offering personalized guidance, rituals, and ceremonies for deepening intimacy and trust.

Escape to artistic tropical surroundings and embark on a journey of  quantum creation, self-discovery and relational evolution in beautiful St Petersburg FL..


What people are saying...

"We will never forget the curated experience you created for us.
We continue to talk about it, reference it, and learn from it even today, months later."
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