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In Person 
Immersive Experience Sessions

What is an Immersive Experience?

 An immersive experience is an interactive, multi sensory experience.

Taking you out of your usual day to day environment.

Making you the participant, not just a spectator. 

In person experiences,  virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR),

create active engagement. Experiences involving all the senses amplifi

how we learn, play and connect creating lasting memories and deep wisdom.

In person immersive experiences in St Petersburg, FL


Our immersive sessions are in person at

our urban, tropical retreat setting where

confidentiality and consent are two of our core values. 

The content of our session is chosen together,

therefore it is a co-creation.

Meeting you where you are at.

Going at your own pace. 

You get to decide how spicy our session is

with our chili pepper system:

Green chili pepper

Red chili pepper 

Multiple Red chili peppers 

Presence and Authentic Human Connection

 In-person immersive experiences often offer a level of authenticity and human connection that digital simulations cannot match. 

Presence and proximity can lead to unexpected discoveries and spontaneous moments

of joy or inspiration. 

Serendipitous encounters with fellow participants, unexpected twists in a narrative, and  the unknown contribute to the richness

of the experience. This physical presence

can intensify emotions, heighten sensations,

and create a deeper sense of immersion compared to virtual experiences.


it takes a village

In-person immersive experiences create a sense of community among participants through being in a shared reality. Whether it's bonding over a shared interest, collaborating on a group activity, or simply engaging in casual conversations, these social interactions contribute to the overall experience and may lead to lasting connections and improved wellbeing.

Access the Quantum field

In-person immersive experiences offer an opportunity to escape from everyday life

and immerse oneself in a different

environment with a narrative

outside of your daily normal.

The result of escaping from the routine

and dominant cultural expectations is that

we feel rejuvenated and free to be our authentic self.

In addition to the fun, immersive experiences create an opportunity for Quantum healing, spiritual expansion and evolution, more pleasure, and gaining profound wisdom. Become an active participant in the

journey of your life.


Private Session Investment Options

How we work is: Review the ideas below.

Next, choose the amount of time you want to invest in the immersion.

Then at your session we can start where you are at based on your consent of the level of spicy and the ideas you have.

You have the option to choose to work with:

 Stacie Ysidro, Johnny Vajra or both of them together, the sex coach couple!

Be sure to schedule your 15 min call to answer any questions arising.

Join our community by participating in our email to get special offers and know first about the seasonal offers and specials.

Indulge in a reprieve from your day. One hour in person immersion sessions for one person $500. 

Couples $700

Two full hours of immersive experience!

Single person $900. Couples $1300. 

Create more space to relax and connect with a 90 minutes session. Single person $700

Couples $1000

Our 3 hour experience is recommended for couples who really want to go deep! Couples $1800

Ready to explore?

What to expect 

Confidentiality and non judgment.

Read as much as you can on our site to get a feel for what is most interesting to you.

Naturally, you may have questions even after reading the available info. Second step is to

schedule the 15 min call.

You can get any other additional information

you need to make an informed decision.


Once you say YES to an immersive experience

the universe will conspire to benefit all involved whether they are present or not.

Next is the third step. Schedule your session and send the deposit. 

You may schedule the session during our 15 min call, 

use booking links on Calendly or our website.

In order to confirm your reservation you must send the $300 deposit.

We accept zelle, venmo, cash app, crypto and of course cash.


Undoubtedly, every session is unlike any other!

We design the experience based on the information you share with us and your consent.

From green chili pepper talk only to multi red chili pepper explicit!

We meet you where you are. 

We do have a template of

how our sessions flow….


First we will start the session with a grounding and centering practice to get out of our heads (fight, flight, cortisol dominant) and into our bodies (the parasympathetic nervous system).

We play with breath, sound, movement, imagination, creativity.


Next you get to share your main intentions, what you hope to experience/accomplish during our session and any challenges you would like to bring to the altar, so to speak.


From this space we will have a Container/ consent and boundary conversation to create safety and make sure we are clear. This is one of those gems, you can take with you into your real life to recreate a safe ‘container’ for your exploration.


At this time we move into body work/ somatic exploration if that is part of the container. 


In conclusion of the session you share any insights, wins or learnings you want to acknowledge

as well as anything else you are called to share to feel complete with the session.

Usually at this point everyone is blissed out and it's best not to try to force too many words.

A week later we can have a 15 min call for integration and to see what else has appeared.

Ideas for Private Immersive Experiences

Tantra Sessions
Energetic Blueprint Exploration

Allow us to be your tantra coach. Explore sacred sexuality practices, yoni massage, lingam massage, sacred spot, tantric touch. Energy play and ecstatic states through breathwork, sound, movement, sensation. You can learn to orgasm without being touched.Learn to withhold ejaculation for heightened orgasmic states and finally reach peak climaxes, transcendance, oneness, healing and the quantum field with your orgasmic energy.

Kink Coaching
Kinky Blueprint Exploration

Kink is anything that is different from YOUR norm.

We can explore anything you can and can’t think of. Personal ceremony and ritual. Power dynamics, archetypes and personas, entheogenic journey,

and even field trips out to relevant places.

Psychological based kink or sensation based kink,

we are highly skilled and ready to coach,

mentor and teach. We have found that

most people are kinkier than they think!

Who loves to break the rules sometimes?

Who likes to enforce them?

See, now we are getting somewhere…

Sensual Delight and Sensations 
Sensual Blueprint Exploration

Get out of your head and into your body.

Find ways to relax so you can slide into pleasure. Explore sensual massage and touch to connect with your partner. Experience how igniting

all the senses leads to more potent orgasmic energy flow and epic climaxes. Using sound,

site, smell, sensations, tastes, and decadence

can enhance romance instead of detract from it.

Somatic Pleasure Mapping
Sexual Blueprint Exploration 

Explore the Blueprints, touch, sensations and energy

by creating a map of where pleasure is in the body.

Get answers to your secret questions, learn sex techniques and tips from an old pro. Discover what's erotically

possible by getting to know your body and

exactly what is going on down there with anatomy lessons.

Yep, squirting, prostate, and where the clit is.

Bring your bag of tricks and we will teach you

how to use your most interesting items.

We honor and celebrate our sexual energy,

it contributes to our wholeness and humanity.


All of the above??? We got you Shapeshifter

You no longer have to mold to fit.

You do Not need a different partner for each part,

unless you want to!

Its time for you to figure out exactly what YOU desire

and allow yourself to receive it.

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