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St. Pete Retreat

Picture of Johnny and Stacie dressed up glam style

The St. Pete Retreat is an urban tropical retreat in St Petersburg FL. Created for people to explore sexuality, relationships, humanness  and spirituality.


Through offering in person group 

tantra classes , kink events, couples workshops, workshops for singles and events for all genders. We aim to create a community where people feel empowered to live a lifestyle in alignment with their own personal values and pleasure.

Not so sure about groups?

 We offer VIP In person tantra sessions, sacred spot, tantric touch, kink sessions, couples retreat, singles retreat,

In addition, online couples coaching and coaching for singles online. 


We actively create community by providing an inclusive space for all people (over 18 years old), regardless of their race, culture, religious background, socio-economic status, gender identity, gender expression, sexual preferences and relationship status. Through practicing acceptance,  curiosity, compassion, 

courage and returning to love. 

Join us for one of our inclusive events in St Petersburg FL. 


We specialize in alternative lifestyles. Creating  experiences, sexuality coaching, CNM and alternative relationship styles, practitioner mentoring, private retreats, classes, workshops.

Unique couples retreats, sexuality retreats are one of our most requested offerings. Every experience is based on consent and tailored to your needs and desires.

Whether you are curious about tantra classes, want to explore something different to you or are a seasoned lifestyle pro, we provide a space for open minded people to be in community and receive support.

Discretion is important to us and we respect the privacy of others. Our bespoke couples workshops, couples events and retreats are completely confidential. As well as all events and coaching we provide.


We are 100% invested in our participants and clients. We care about you as an  individual and are honored to co-create evolutionary experiences with you.



Get to know us more in the

Voyage Magazine Interview

Team SPR Bio's

headshot of  Stacie Ysidro

Founder / Facilitator

Stacie Ysidro, founder of Holistic Progressions and co-founder of St. Pete Retreat. Certified Lead Erotic Blueprint Coach™ and certified Sex Coach ... more

Headshot of Johnny Vajra

Founder / Facilitator

Johnny Vajra, co-founder of St. Pete Retreat, is a Spiritual Alchemist, Intimacy Coach, Certified Sex and Happiness Coach, and Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach ... more

Marc & Regal picture, Regal is in red rope suspended

Marc & Regal

Shibari/Kinbaku Educators

Regal & RopeMarc have combined decades of Shibari experience as practitioners, performers and educators. They actively run the bi-weekly rope bondage class, "Rope Marks" here at St. Pete Retreat

Headshot of Brena D


Brena Dee has been an intimacy advisor for over 10 years. Her passion is educating, empowering, and entertaining women and couples through in-home Pure Romance parties 


IG: @Aqualux_Photo

IG: @Aquaphilias 

IG: @Inked.and.Blond

Steve and Melissa Grewell

Owners of Aqualux Photography/ 

Been in a Dominant/ Submissive polyamorous relationship for 10 years

Kink Educators, Fetish Producers, Fetish Models, Photographer

We serve those that seek to learn more about themselves and BDSM

We love how deep our relationships have become after opening our hearts.

We teach others about Consent, Negotiations, Impact and Shibari


Lilabelle Quaintrelle

 Lilabelle Quaintrelle is a renowned Burlesque Dancer in St Petersburg FL. She began her love affair with the Vintage World years ago in the form of pinup modeling and old Hollywood Glamour, and this brought her naturally into the Burlesque World. Repeat guest of Vaudevillain's at Spooky Empire; she has been recently featured at The Graveyard Cabaret, and Cosplay night at the Castle. Quaintrelle is also co-producer for PGC Productions. Lilabelle teaches burlesque classes the third Wednesday of the month. She provides a wide range of experience, expertise, looks and vintage flair. Available for performance and classes.


Burlesque Dancer and Teacher


Massage and Essential oils Facilitator

Melania Mersades, with three decades as a Spiritual Teacher

and Energy Medicine Researcher, offers profound

holistic healing for those yearning relief from pain and stress. 

Weaving Eastern philosophies with Western Somatic Techniques and indigenous non-hallucinogenic medicine, she curates a

potent tri-force for swift transformation. 

An adept in Reiki Training, Essential Oil Education,

and Massage Therapy, Melania's teachings are deeply

embedded in shadow work and her signature Spiritual Badasserie®️. 

In her meticulously designed classes, retreats, and ceremonies,

she integrates sound and color therapy, offering a rare blend

of transformative opportunities. Through emotional intelligence

tools and metaphysical wisdom, she gracefully leads individuals

on a path of holistic wellness. She teaches Couples Sensual Massage Class.


Core Values

Clear Agreements

curiosity, care, contribution, consent, consciousness, celebration

visit our container agreements

blog post for more of our core values and beliefs.

We are a  community based on consent,

love and connection.

We believe that when we are in relationships with others, It is not a matter of if trust is broken, it is a matter of when. We are all human beings and we understand that we all make mistakes.

We believe in giving people the opportunity to make amends and participate in restorative justice.

EVERYONE HARMS, AND IS HARMED, sometimes. We are all victims, sometimes.

We are all perpetrators, sometimes.

We release the belief in Perfection and

choose to practice love.

At SPR our goal is to return to a space of love and compassion, sooner than later,

to allow repair. By letting go of perfectionism, practicing compassion and acceptance,

we acknowledge impact and move through the process of repair into restored relationships and community. 

We aim to be non-idealized leaders,

who can acknowledge harm and restore

wholeness to our communities and ourselves.

We believe in order to  fully experience pleasure, connection, intimacy and fulfillment we need to be present and conscious.

We do this by creating an environment for self exploration, acceptance and celebration. Secondly by creating community and being of service to others.

We believe orgasmic energy is our life force energy. It connects us to the divine as well as makes us human. 

We know and believe that pleasure is our divine birthright. Our bodies are wired for pleasure. Sexual satisfaction and fulfillment is required for overall optimal life satisfaction.


Our hope is that through SPR we can contribute to a world where

  •  there is no stigma of sexuality, spirituality and our lifestyle choices

  • . Where we can all speak into our needs, desires and boundaries with confidence, grace and ease

  • . We can make amends for wrongs done and restore wholeness to community and self.

Learn more about our Incident reporting and procedures here.

Values and Vision
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