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Here are some answers to some of the most
frequently asked questions

about St Pete Retreat and about what we do.

If you haven't found your answer here
book a complementary 15 min call
or send an email.

Helpful Links

Check out our classes and special events.

Complementary 15 minute call to answer basic questions.

Information on VIP sessions for solo person or couples.

Where and How do I start exploring?

I am new and not sure what I want to do first


How do I know what to expect at the events?

  • Each event on Eventbrite has a description, agenda and FAQ you can review before ticket purchase

  • You will get confirmation emails before events and sessions

  • Use the Chili Pepper Spicy System

  • Read the FAQ pages for our Special Events










I want a one on one, in person, VIP Session



I want to attend an event.

  • Purchase tickets using Eventbrite. 

    • You will receive exact address and additional information via Eventbrite confirmation page and confirmation emails.

  • Purchase tickets using Venmo: 

    • You may email us to let us know which event you are attending and confirm your attendance with the receipt of your ticket purchase through Venmo. 

  • Venmo @Ravenala 


I want to tell you about what happened, how I feel about it, what I think about it and i need to know what to do now......

Means you want to have an in depth conversation to asses your situation, talk about where you are at and get a plan for next need a

Discovery call/Coaching Call


  • Set up a 15 min call, send Venmo and schedule a 60 min call.


I want to sign up for an in person retreat, or more in depth coaching package/mentorship.

  • Check out our Retreat Page 

  • Schedule a 60 minute discovery call and Venmo $300.

    • The $300 can be used as a deposit for:  in a in person session,  retreat or coaching/mentorship package when scheduled within 48hrs.

Why don't you post the event address publicly?
Where is the address to events at SPR?

At St Pete Retreat we prioritize confidentiality as one of our core values.
This is why we only post our business address publicly and
not the specific locations for classes, special events, or VIP sessions.
We understand that our participants and clients highly
value their privacy and discretion.
Given the nature of our work, which involves sensitive topics and often evokes deep emotions and vulnerability,
it is crucial to create an environment that promotes safety and non-judgment.
To honor this need for confidentiality and provide a space where
people can feel secure, we have chosen a speakeasy setting. By attending our classes, events, and sessions, you can have full confidence
that your privacy will be honored.

Eventbrite Confirmation Page

When you purchase tickets on Eventbrite you will get a confirmation page confirming your ticket purchase. Read the whole thing: select 'more'' and scroll down 

Eventbrite Confirmation Email

When you purchase tickets on Eventbrite you will receive a confirmation email that has the address and our container agreements. Search your email if you don't see it come through.

Online payment for event, class or VIP session

We will manually email you address, container agreements and any other additional information needed to be prepared for your experience.

  • The event address is not the business address. Please read your confirmation emails and confirmation page.

If you cannot find the EVENT address, please 

  • “Contact the organizer” via Eventbrite, NO later than 24 hours before the event.

  • If it is within 24 hrs please call and let us know, leave a message if the call is unable to be answered

and we will respond asap: 

  • 727 328-4917

  • If you are unable to attend the event and would like a refund, you may request a refund on Eventbrite,

no later than 24 hours (1 day) before the event. 

You do NOT get a refund because you 'cant find' the address.
We practice personal responsibility. It is YOUR responsibility to know where you are going:
read the ev
ent description, read our google information, contact the organizer 24hrs before the event to ask for help, read our website, read the confirmation page, read the confirmation emails, look at the pictures or watch the video that show the directions to find the address.
With all of the way we have created for you to find us,
there is NO reason to NOT be able to find the address

Refund Policies

  • Eventbrite is listed on each event:

You do NOT get a refund because you 'cant find' the address.

  • Refunds are sent back to the method of purchase.

  • Eventbrite ticket processing fees are the responsibility of the purchaser for all refunds.

  • If you want to transfer your ticket to the next event you must contact the organizer no later than 24 hours, 1 day before the event.

  • You may only transfer your tickets one time.

  • Tickets are not available for refunds after they have been transferred once.

  • No shows, no contact with in 24hrs of the event:

   the tickets are NOT subject to refund or transfer.


Discovery calls, Coaching Calls

Payments, including deposits 

for calls online or on the phone are non-refundable.


You may reschedule the call.

Up until 24 hours before the call 

If you need to reschedule within 24 hours of your call, 

  • You have one time to do so within 1 week.

  •  If you cannot reschedule within 1 week or

  •  If you no show or no contact the call or session at any time, 

you lose the deposit/payment for the call.

  •  In order to reschedule you have to make a new appointment and send payment.

Deposits for retreats and immersion sessions are non refundable.

Once the deposit has been made, we have already started investing a large amount of time in planning your experience. The  Non-refundable deposit is for the planning/intro call. In addition to the retreat planning time and for holding the place on the calendar. 



If you need to change the date of the retreat or session we will do our best to accommodate you 

To reschedule if you let us know 

  • No later than 1 week  before your scheduled time.

  •  After 1 week You will lose 50% of the deposit.

  •  The other half of your deposit will go towards the total session or retreat investment you must reschedule within 2 weeks. 

  • If you cannot reschedule within 2 weeks, you lose the total deposit. 

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