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Stacie Ysidro

Stacie Ysidro, founder of Holistic Progressions and co-founder of

St. Pete Retreat, has been coaching individuals and couples

throughout the United States since 2009.

Her passion is helping people experience erotic freedom,

full self acceptance and expression

with grace and ease. She most enjoys seeing the

transformations in people's sex lives extrapolate

into all areas of their lives,

creating more pleasure, fulfillment, passion and peace.

Her personal story of mastering life transitions, personal empowerment and navigating intimacy and connection, have given her a unique approach to transforming her clients' lives. You can watch her you tube here and listen to her speak on many

podcasts here. 

Stacie is acknowledged as a Certified Sex Coach by the WAS.

She is also certified by Jaiya (world renowned sexologist)

as an Erotic Blueprint™ Coach helping people to learn

the language of arousal and pleasure, an

Ipec business and life coach graduate,

and an Accelerated Evolution L1 coach.

Currently teaching monthly events

Tantra Essentials and Tantra Movement. 

Stacie offers couples tantra sessions and

couples retreats in Florida.

at SPR independently and with her husband,

co facilitator and business partner Johnny Vajra

She also serves clients through

online sex coaching. 

Stacie Ysidro

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