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Conquer the challenges of meeting like-minded people and creating a date night to remember

Johnny and Stacie teaching on stage at Interfusion Festival with audience participating
connecting at interfusion festival

Why is it so hard to meet like-minded people I actually like and get along with??

Are you so bored with the same old date night, that you've lost interest??

I've noticed as I've gotten older it's harder to meet people that I connect with. It seems like there are more challenges to making friends and maintaining friendships with all of the responsibilities of family, work and relationships. I have done a lot of things and sometimes its hard to get excited about the same thing. I want date night to remember! I want to be around people who are open to authentically connecting, create mutually inspirational relationships and date night to remember! Trying to find personal time for myself, time for my partner in addition to family time often feels like a circus show.

What to do?

Lately, what's been working for me is

Getting really clear on my priorities

Scheduling time in my calendar for my priorities, even if it is time to be spontaneous and do nothing.

I try not to schedule or plan too many things in a day or back-to-back.

When planning I consider my energy level, surrounding days events and how much time I need to myself to function on all cylinders

I make sure that I have time to eat and food ready or time to cook it.

When I schedule my life around other people, I find myself feeling really depleted and resentful.

When I schedule everything else around my life, I find that I'm more productive, happier, more well rested and I experience more pleasure.

I participate in my life as a conscious being with choice that is co creating with the universe/divine.

I invite you to immerse yourself in life.

Leave your house for a couple hours, try something new,

Get off your phone and computer 

stop with the anxiety of the apps, find an edge, celebrate and

Stay out of your head.

Get into the present, connecting with

like minded people in a unique, relaxed setting.

Going to an immersive experience  is one of the best ways to meet people you will most likely connect with.

You automatically have something in common and something to talk about. 

An immersive experience is an interactive, multi sensory experience. Removing you from your usual day to day environment. Making you the participant, not just a passive bystander. 

Our immersive sessions,  special events and classes are in St Petersburg, FL, at our urban tropical retreat,  setting the stage for making lifelong memories and connections. Where confidentiality and consent are two of our core values. The event space, lodging space and the experience is uniquely curated for your ease, pleasure and safety.

Escape the stress of daily life. We have events that meet you where you are at, you can go at your own pace. You get to decide how spicy your experience will be by using our chili pepper system….how hot do you like it?

Green Chili pepper spicy, to multiple red chili pepper spicy! 

Check out  our immersive experiences, special events and classes you can attend to deepen intimacy with your partner, have fun and be around people offline, not at a bar or club with no expectations or pressure. 

Continue your momentum by participating in the community after the event. Integration of the experience into your daily life is where the magic happens. Follow-up with someone you connected with or with the facilitator. It can be as simple as an email or a phone call. Attend another event and bring a friend. 

We, the Sex Coach Couple personally invite you into our personal residence retreat in Florida. Understandably, you want to get to know the people facilitating/hosting and feel comfortable in the space that is being held. 

Johnny Vajra and Stacie Ysidro  are both certified Erotic Blueprint coaches and Tantra practitioners. Stacie has been living an alternative lifestyle for decades immersed in the world of sexuality.

Johnny is an erotic artist with years of exploration and training.  Johnny and Stacie founded St Pete Retreat together in 2021.

See mor pictures of our space in the Retreats page

Stacie and Johnny have the experience and willingness to support you in your erotic exploration. 

So what are you waiting for??

Johnny and Stacie helping you co create date night to remember , kissing on beach in florida

Or if you have more questions,

Any way  that feels aligned with where you're at, know that we are here for you. In full support and celebration.

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