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Creating a Safe Container

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Container Agreements

Updated March 2023

  • All people are welcome: We are an inclusive, non judgmental space. All races, gender identities, sexual orientations, relationship orientation or status, religions, cultures over 18 years of age are welcome.

  • Attendance of one of our events, whether online or in person, you are agreeing to Creating a Safe Container by practicing:

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Visit our website for our policy on grievances/incidents and the process of reporting and repairing

  • And our mission statement


  • Consent is a YES or NO. Consider Maybe a NO

  • It is freely given, without coercion or force or uncertainty

  • Your YES can become a NO but your NO cannot become a YES in the set container

  • Giving information to others so they can consent

  • Asking questions when needed to make sure you are in full consent

  • Always ASK Before giving feedback or offering advice

  • Always ASK Before touching someone

  • Always ASK Before sharing someone’s story or experience

  • Reply to a NO with “Thank You for taking care of yourself”

  • Celebrate NO’s

  • I can’t trust your YES if I haven't felt your NO


  • Vegas Rules

  • Amsterdam Rules (within this 10ft)

  • Share your experience, not other people’s (unless you have consent)

    • ‘My experience of this was___’

  • When having an issue or concern address person directly (when can be done safely) and speak to a SPR team member (class facilitator or owners Johnny and Stacie )


  • Staying present in the moment

  • Our minds will naturally wander. Let’s raise our awareness to these moments and bring ourselves back

    • Example: When you are training a puppy to pee on a pad, he pees in the corner, bring him back to the puppy pad

    • Turn off any distractions (phone, apple watch, etc.)


  • Caring for ourselves

  • Bathroom breaks

  • water

  • something is triggering you and you need support

  • Caring for the space

    • Trash cans

    • keep the place tidy

    • leave it how you found it

  • Caring for your psychology

  • practice compassion for yourself and others in their experience

  • practice non-judgement

  • don’t yuck someone else’s yum

  • If you feel unsafe or have had a negative experience please email SPR owners (Stacie, Johnny or use our anonymous contact form )

about what occurred and how the situation can be amended.


  • We are a very diverse group. Most content can be seen as sensitive, taboo and vulnerable.

  • Notice when you check out or are triggered…use curiosity to come back into presence without judgment of self and others.

  • We learn more from curiosity and play than judgment and criticism.


  • This is a co-created experience

  • In order for you to get the most out of the experience, we encourage you to participate

  • If you have a question, ask! There are no stupid questions.

  • Whatever is up for you, there may be others who feel the same way, and do not have the courage to say it.

  • We encourage everyone to speak into what’s going on.


  • Celebrate that you are here! YAY!

  • Celebrate even small wins!

  • When one celebrates, we ALL celebrate! (Queue them to Celebrate)

  • When one person heals, we all heal

Thank you everyone for creating a safe community where we can talk about and learn about our sexuality. It’s going to be a great day!

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