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Explore Sexuality and relationships with 3 kinds of spicy intimate experiences

Explore Sexuality and relationships with 3 kinds of spicy intimate experiences

With so many options, sometimes it can be hard to decide where to begin or 

simply to decide what you are in the mood for.

So I made these 3 cute 'Chili Pepper Collections” on our Eventbrite profile to help you decide which event is best for you and help you know more of what to expect. 

The Chili Pepper Collections help you to explore sexuality and relationships where you are at now. it's essential to begin where you feel most comfortable. Everyone has their own natural comfort zone, start your exploration with  what interests you.  Don't wait for some perfect moment that will never come (pun intended )

Take it slow and go at your own pace. There's plenty to explore in sexuality and spirituality, so don't rush it. Instead, take small, enjoyable steps forward. Trying to do too much at once can lead to setbacks. Just be sure to maintain your momentum for the next easiest step towards your vision. Pause and savor the journey to avoid overwhelming yourself.

Find your edges! Getting curious and doing some research goes a long way in creating an ideal experience. Many people get stuck in the ‘I don't want’. We recommend using your “no” and “I don't want “ to find your YES I do want!  Explore where your interests and boundaries lie to discover what resonates with you.  sexuality  can be an experience of personal growth, connection with self and others, and spiritual exploration.

For those new to learning about sexuality and relationships, consider these recommendations. They can also be enjoyable additions for advanced practitioners looking to expand their knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals.

Now, let's dive into the event collections. The Green Chili Pepper Spicy Collection offers spicy talks without physical interactions. It's like the spiciness of a green chili pepper—a little kick, but no direct touch of any kind.  Engage in discussions, ask questions, and observe in a relaxed setting. The Green events provide opportunities to meet others interested in exploring, learn something new and have a fun time.

The Red Chili Pepper Spicy Collection provides a more experiential and interactive setting, ranging from PG to R. There's no direct sexual interaction or contact, and platonic or sensual touch might be an option in some spaces. Get involved in activities guided by seasoned practitioners and meet new people. 

For those with a spicier palate, the Multiple Red Chili Pepper Spicy Collection offers clothing-optional experiences, ranging from R to 3X rating. Special Events* may include sexual touch ( all touch is based on consent). Whether attending alone or with a partner, explore a variety of intimate, fun experiences guided by certified professionals in a relaxed speakeasy style environment.

Remember, anyone can attend any event or class, regardless of experience level. The space is LGBTQI friendly and welcomes all relationship styles. Guests must be over 18 years old, and the event space is accessible with some minor steps. Stay hydrated with available water or bring a bottle to refill.

We hope this fun Chili Pepper Collection help you make informed decisions about which events suit you best. 

Which events will we see you at? Get Tickets to Events on Eventbrite.

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