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What's my Erotic Blueprint?

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Stacie and Johnny standing on stage teaching  the erotic blueprints at Interfusion 2023
Certified Erotic Blueprint Coaches Johnny Vajra and Stacie Ysidro

Many of you have already taken the erotic blueprint quiz. If not, take quiz here

You know what your Blueprint is and the basics if the 5 Blueprints...

Now what?

So now you know the 5 Blueprints and the profound effect this information can have on

your lives, but where do you go from here?

Now you need to know how to feed your (or your partner’s) Blueprint -

which is essentially how to satisfy, seduce and play with the Blueprint.

You need to learn how to speak the Blueprint - what is the right body

language for initiating sex, what words should you use in a text, what vocal

tone will turn you on the most?

You need to learn how to heal the Shadows of your Blueprint. What are

tools and techniques to help you overcome the shadow side and take you

deeper into the super powers of your Blueprint? What mindset or belief

patterns are keeping you stuck?

And you need to learn how to expand your Blueprint. Your Erotic Blueprint

essentially shows you where you are limited. You want to be able to play in

every blueprint - especially important if you are single - you never know

what you are going to get! And vital if you are in relationship with someone

who has a different blueprint than you.

Here are some options for your next steps to learn how to Feed, Speak, Heal and Expand your


Schedule a call or session with Stacie to see how working with a Blueprint Coach will assist you.

two people laying together in white tank tops with dark hair.Are you ready to create lifelong sexual satisfaction?
Create lifelong sexual satisfaction with the Erotic Blueprint Coaches in St Petersburg FL

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