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What is Couples Temple Night?

Multiple red chili pepper spicy event

The Couples Temple Night ia a Guided Erotic Touch Experience.

This Multiple Red Chili Pepper Event 

Led by Johnny Vajra and Stacie Ysidro,

Certified Erotic Blueprint(™) Coaches.

invites couples to delve into the world of pleasure and

connection through touch and sensation. 

Couples are guided through a series of

sensual and erotic touch techniques, and sensation item play

aimed at deepening their pleasure, emotional and physical bonds.

The event provides a nonjudgmental, comfortable and

respectful setting for couples to explore intimacy

 through touch and sensation. Participants learn communication enhancing techniques that create mutual understanding.

This experience offers a safe space for couples to

rediscover each other and celebrate their

connection in a fun and meaningful way.

How many couples will be there?

CTN is one of our most popular special events. It often sells out and sometimes it doesn't. We are limiting the experience to 7 couples. 

This is a discrete setting to explore, learn, have fun and connect with your partner and other couples with similar interests. If you want to ensure less people, Couples Tantra Workshop: Recess is for you. We also offer one on one sessions, if the group dynamic is not in alignment with where you are at in the moment.

Couples tantra session
What is a "guided" experience?

CTN is a guided experience, meaning,

there is a demo with instruction in real time.

You can follow along or do your own thing based on your own comfort level and consent.

Johnny and Stacie demo on each other,

in real time with you as you are playing with your partner.

The demo is explicit and contains nudity.

Do we get to/have to touch people, other than our partner?

No touch on people other than self and partner is included in the experience. The event is not intended to position you to have to interact physically with other couples. Each couple has their own 'nest' to play in. This experience is created for you and your partner to share. If interaction with other couples is consented to, you are welcome to explore. This is a safe non judgmental space.

Everything is based on consent. 

Are drinks and or food allowed?

We will have complimentary wine, water, and tea.

With light desserts and sensual snacks to arouse your senses.

You are welcome to bring something to snack on or a favorite beverage to indulge in..

Will there be nudity?
Can I be naked in front
of other people?

Couples often ask "can we be naked in front of other people?" 

Yes the event is clothing optional, you can dress up, 

down or not at all. Most people hang in a robe or sarong. 

You change into something more comfortable when you arrive if you desire to. Bring a towel to sit on if you want to be totally nude. We celebrate the human body and its capacity for pleasure.

Tim and Carol
from Tampa:

"I learned how to take my time and savor the moment instead of rushing to penetration.

We're so happy we got to experiment and try things we had never tried before. It's exciting to have group experiences".

Mark and Lisa

from Sarasota:

"I love how easy it was.

I thought it was going to be intimidating but it was not. I felt very comfortable with the other participants as well as the instructors."

What's the difference between Couples Sensual Massage and Couples Erotic Touch at CTN?

The Sensual Massage class is instructed by a licensed massage therapist and there is NO sx ual touch.

Massage therapist are medical professionals and have strict rules around what they can and can not do. It is illegal in the state of FLorida to use the word 'massage' claiming to be, do or teach 'massage' without a license. Couples Sensual Massage class is instructed by licensed massage therapist Melania Mercades. 

Couples Temple Night includes sx ual touch and explicit language.

We are not massage therapists and do NOT teach or do massage. We are tantra professionals and Certified Sex Coaches.

We guide and demonstrate touch techniques for you and

your partner to try on each other. We give suggestions, instructions, ideas and techniques you can try in real time or

do something else that resonates with you.

What kind of people go to Couples Erotic Touch Classes?
Couples giving Tantric Massage

People who

  • Love touch and massage

  • Want to find creative, new ways to experience pleasure

  • Want to create a more solid foundation of safety and trust in self and with partner 

  • Connect with others with similar interests

  • Have fun and practice curiosity 

  • Improve communication and deepen intimacy 

  • Need a date night 

  • Want to explore and don't know where to start

  • We have noticed: an age range from couples in their 30's to active couples in their 60's. A variety of relationship styles, ethnicities, and sexual preferences.

  • Many people in long term relationships wanting to try something new and spice up their relationship.

What to expect at Couples Temple Night.
Flow of event
Stacie and Johnny at St Pete Retreat

  • Doors open at 6:30pm for reception 

  • Start time 7pm

  • Entry Doors close at 7:10pm to ensure an ideal experience for everyone present. ​

  • Meet and greet, intros intention

  • Set up

  • Pleasure first

  • Instructions

  • Person 1

  • Container 

  • Practice

  • After care and Bio break

  • Person 2

  • Container

  • Practice

  • Aftercare bio break

  • Closing: winsite or learning 

  • Social, clean up

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