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Couples Tantra Workshop:
Erotic Touch Experience 

The Couples Tantra Workshop: Recess,

Guided Erotic Touch Experience

is a unique afternoon couples event in Florida.

We invite couples to delve into the world of pleasure and connection

through sound, energy, touch and sensation.

Led by Johnny Vajra and Stacie Ysidro, Certified Erotic Blueprint(™) Coaches. 

Couples are guided through a series of sensual and erotic touch techniques,

including sensation item play aimed at creating

clear communication, deepening their pleasure, energetic,

emotional and physical bonds.

The event provides a nonjudgmental, comfortable and respectful

setting for couples to explore intimacy through touch and sensation.

Participants learn communication enhancing techniques that create

mutual understanding. This experience offers a safe space for

couples to rediscover each other and celebrate their connection

in a fun and meaningful way.

Stacie and Johnny at Tantra Workshop

We will explore practices of:

  • Grounding, centering, embodiment practice we call Pleasure First 

  • Setting a container: A framework that helps you navigate conversations around experiences you want to have.

  • Blueprint(™) touches: The Erotic Blueprints: the language of arousal and pleasure. We will explore each blueprints superpowers, shadows, turn on/fed by. The blueprints will give you language to communicate more effectively with your partner, normalize and celebrate pleasure, connect deeper with your partner 

  • Tantra: breathwork, sound, movement, sensation. Sacred sexuality practices: yoni and lingam tantric touch

  • Interactive with your partner: Explore sensation items. Each person gets a turn to be in active (give touch) and passive roles ( Receive touch)

Why go to a couples tantra event?

  • New experiences

  • Quality time together

  • Date Afternoon

  • Deepen connection and intimacy

  • Spice up your sx life, have fun

  • Safe place to explore, learn and play with support and guidance

  • Learn communication skills in a fun way.

  • Try new intimacy techniques

  • Explore new ways to experience pleasure

  • Explore transcendent and non ordinary states of consciousness.

  • Want an experience based on what your desires, needs, boundaries and consent are; not a cookie cutter program.

  • Open to meeting new people and or being in community

A&D from TN

It was a non-judgmental space and everything was clean. Everyone was respectful. I enjoyed learning to let go and be present.

J&L from NY

We wanted to try something new and we did! I learned more about what I like. We got to know each other on a deeper level. It was fun to discover new things that each one of us enjoyed. 


We really enjoy the openness and non-judgmental space created. It was great to be around and meet other people learning a similar journey.

Flow of event

  • 2:45 Doors open

  • 3pm Intros Container 

  • 3:30 Pleasure first

  • First person give

  • After Care and Reset

  • Second person give

  • 6pm After care, bio break

  • shares, Q&A

  • Social and clean up 

Multi RedChili Pepper Spicy Event
  • Will there be nudity?

Yes, this is a multi red chili pepper spicy event.

There will be nudity at this event. It is clothing optional,

many people wear a robe. Demos are done nude.

You were at choice as to how much clothes you have on or off,  everything is consent-based, allowing you to set your own boundaries and comfort levels. 

  • Do we get to/have to touch people, other than our partner?

No, the event is not intended to position you to have to have physical interaction with other couples....and if you do with consent that's ok. This experience is created for you and your partner to share. Everything is based on consent

This exclusive, in-person experience invites you and your partner to
co-create a unique journey, exploring tantra, the blueprints™, breathwork, sensation, sound, movement, and more.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about our tantra for couples event, Recess.


  • How many couples will be attending? 

We understand the importance of discretion and respect your privacy. With a limited capacity of

only 3 couples, you can be assured of an exclusive and tailored experience. 


  • What should I wear to a couples tantra workshop? 

Most people dress comfortably in something that they feel good in. You may use the restroom to change into a robe or someone more sexy when you arrive. This event is clothing optional.

  • What is a 'guided' experience? 

Johnny and Stacie demo on each on other giving you instruction in real time.

You can follow along or do your own thing based on your own comfort level and consent.

  • Is food or drinks allowed?

Yes. We will have complimentary wine, water, and tea.

With light snacks, fruit

You were also welcome to bring something to snack on or a favorite beverage of choice.

  • How do we purchase tickets to this guided erotic touch for couples experience?

On Eventbrite or

Email your YES RSVP with screenshot of Venmo or Zelle payment,

names of attendees, emails and phone numbers

Johnny demoing on blindfolded Stacie
Join us for a fun and intimate
Couples Tantra Workshop: Guided Erotic Touch Experience

you and your partner will have the most unique date
you couldn’t have imagined if you tried! 
Indulge in an afternoon delight of discovery, play, connection, and pleasure.

This interactive, immersive, in-person experience is
designed to create a space for you to
come with an open heart, curiosity and a willingness to explore,
and according to those who have attended,
leave with adeeper connection to your partner and a newfound
sense of pleasure and intimacy.

What to bring 

  • Favorite blanket, pillow or 'nest' items 

  • Robe

  • non- slip slippers or socks

  • Your favorite toys, sensation items, lube

  • Favorite massage oil (coconut oil will be provided)

  • Beverage or snack you will want before/during/after experience

  • Towle or wet blanket 

  • Any 'after care' items you want.

  • Any "power items" that create a safe, empowered and/or sexy vibe and or that has special meaning to you in the realm of spirituality, sexuality, pleasure, love, fun enjoyment, peace, safety, empowerment, confidence, knowing trust, joy, purpose, power…you get the idea

  • Anything you want to change into for the event or after event

  • Flat sheet or sarong

  • Bonus gift we have for you:

We have a gift bag for each couple to use at the events

or on your own time.

You get a follow up email with resources and tips from class

sensation items

What is the difference between.....

  • What's the difference between the sensual massage class and this?

The Sensual Massage class is instructed by a licensed massage therapist

and there is NO sexual touch, max 8 couples, (it is not 'guided' it is instructed).


Recess, Guided Touch Experience includes sexual touch,

explicit demos and explicit language.

We give suggestions, instructions, ideas and techniques you can try in real time or

do something else that resonates with you.

  • What is the difference between Couples Tantra Workshop, Recess and
  • CTN (Couples Temple Night)?

Both events are similar in content and flow. One difference is time of day,

This is afternoon delight! Another point of difference is we are limiting the

Couples Tantra Workshop to 3 couples max! 

You will be able to ask questions in real time, get more personalized support

because of the limited number of participants.

Couples Temple Night is a max 7 couples.


We are not licensed massage therapists. All suggestions and recommendations are for

self care and personal use only. 

If you are interested in professional massage therapy we recommend Melania Mercedes, 

Melainias Healing Edge. 

What can I do to prepare and get the most out of this experience?

Couple in YAb Yum, Tantric Sexin st pete
If, after reading this page, if you still have questions please schedule a 15min call

Start Your Blueprint Journey

Watch the Show on Netflix: The erotic blueprints and its founder, my mentor, Jaiya are

featured on the Netflix show Sex Love and Goop. The show follows multiple couples through

their journey working with various Sexuality Professionals. One of the most popular episodes

is episode 3. Featuring Jaiya, her partner Ian, the couple they are working with

and Energetic orgasm! This will give you a glimpse of what's possible.

Watch Sex, love and Goop Netflix trailer 



  • Find out what your Blueprint is by taking the quiz. Everyone is a mixture of all of the blueprints. Often, we only play in 1 or 2 of our most comfortable blueprints, usually because that's all we know. Exploring the blueprints is an opportunity to expand your capacity and understanding of pleasure.

Take the Blueprint Quiz 


  • If you like to listen to audiobooks or even read them in hard copy. My latest recommendation

is Your Blueprint Breakthrough by Jaiya, world-renowned sexologist.

Ticket Refunds and transfers

If you are unable to attend the event and would like a refund, you may request a refund on

Eventbrite, no later than 24 hours (1 day) before the event. 

Refunds are sent back to the method of purchase. Eventbrite ticket processing fees are the

responsibility of the purchaser for all refunds.

If you want to transfer your ticket to the next event you must contact the organizer

no later than 24 hours, 1 day before the event.

You may only transfer your tickets one time.

Tickets are not available for refunds after they have been transferred once.

There are NO refunds or transfers because you ‘can’t find the address’

No shows, no contact to the event: the tickets are NOT subject to refund or transfer. 

Where is the event located?

The event address is not the business address.

There are NO refunds or transfers because you ‘can’t find the address’

Please read your confirmation emails and confirmation page.

If you cannot find the EVENT address, please 

“Contact the organizer” via Eventbrite,

no later than 24 hours before the event.

If it is within 24 hrs please call and let us know, leave a message

if the call is unable to be answered and we will respond asap. 

727 328-4917

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