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Couples Sensual Massage Class

Monthly special event
The Art of Couples Sensual Massage in St Petersburg Fl, with Melania Mersades and Madhava Das.

Are you looking for the best
Couple's Sensual Massage Class in
St Petersburg? 

Based on what people are saying, Melania's couple's sensual massage class at St Pete Retreat is one not to miss!

Once a month we host an event with up to 6 couples who want to learn about the sacred art of sensual massage. 

Lead by licensed massage therapist Melania Mersades

and her partner Madhava Das. 

She does a live demonstration with expert instruction

that you can easily follow along to. 

You will learn therapeutic techniques and ancient sacred practices

that promote connection, intimacy, relaxation and muscle tension release. 


If you have ever been curious about couples massage,

this is a great opportunity to learn more about it with your partner

in a relaxed professional setting.

Learning how to touch opens up a whole new level of communication between you and your partner. Through the language of touch,

you'll learn to consciously listen and respond to each other's bodies,

and deepen your understanding of one another.

Touch can communicate in ways words never could. 

Couples massage melts away stress and tension in the body

and settles the nervous system.

Once you've learned the techniques for practicing the art of sacred massage, you'll have an endless repertoire of sensual delights

to shift the energy of your busy work day into a relaxing,

grounded state of love and connection.

Now is a great time to share this page with your partner

and look at your calendar.

Tickets are available for purchase on Eventbrite 

Couples Sensual Massage Class FAQ

Who is it for?

  • Green chili pepper event: touch with partner, NO nudity, up to 6 couples. 

  • Non sexual touch 

  • Want to learn easy therapeutic techniques 

  • Couples focused experience

  • Couples new to exploring sexuality, touch and intimacy

What to expect at Couples Sensual Massage Class 

This hands-on experience will transport you to a world of bliss. Our priority is for your worries to dissolve and relaxation take center stage.

Join us for an evening of relief with laughter and hands-on exploration. 

The doors open early at 7:45pm so you can get settled and pick your nest

The class starts at 8pm and we dive deep into breathing techniques designed for couples, person one gives then we reset and person two gives .Both people will get to give and receive a 30-minute full-body routine

that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and connected. We provide

massage oil and a gift to you: a travel-sized self-care kit made

by Melania herself especially for you to continue your

journey of sensual bliss at home!

You are welcome to mingle with others after class.

Melania Sensual Massage Teacher

Who is teaching the class?

Melania Mersades

is an Expert Massage Therapist FLMA#72092 with an integrative approach. She combines Indigenous traditions & Eastern Medicine philosophy with Western somatic techniques to create a unique massage experience. 


Madhava Das

Madhava Das is a devoted Kriyaban Yogi and disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda who has been initiated into the profound teachings of Kriya Yoga.

He skillfully integrates the practices of energetic attunement and visualization to create a sacred space that gently guides us into deep meditation allowing us to become fully present, relaxed and in tune with our highest potential.

What to wear 

Wear comfortable clothing for the class and bring a refillable water bottle.

If you would like to mingle with the other couples after class, bring a bathing suit & towel. ( Pool available as weather permits.)

What to bring

Bring a bathing suit and towel for pool access

Refillable water bottle

What is elephant medicine?

Elephant Medicine is a form of Thai massage that is also a  form of therapeutic touch that differs in many ways from traditional massage. Instead of a massage table, you lay on a mat on the floor while the provider manipulates your body in certain ways to stimulate organs and improve flexibility.

What kind of massage techniques will I learn?

Western deep tissue for your specific pain points, nerve stimulators, floor Thai for legs & back, energy holds and some elephant medicine.

Special needs: Please let us know if you have special needs

such as hearing, vision, bodily ability or other so we can

ensure your ideal experience.

Where is the Event Address?

The event address is not the business address. Please read your confirmation emails and confirmation page. If you cannot find the EVENT address, please 

“Contact the organizer” via Eventbrite,

no later than 24 hours before the event.

If it is within 24 hrs please call and let us know, leave a message if the call is unable to be answered and we will respond asap. 

727 328-4917

Refunds and Transfer

If you are unable to attend the event and would like a refund,

you may request a refund on Eventbrite, no later than 24 hours (1 day)

before the event. 

Refunds are sent back to the method of purchase. Eventbrite ticket processing fees are the responsibility of the purchaser for all refunds.

If you want to transfer your ticket to the next event you must contact the organizer no later than 24 hours, 1 day before the event.

You may only transfer your tickets one time.

Tickets are not available for refunds after they have been transferred once.

No shows, no contact to the event: the tickets are NOT

subject to refund or transfer. 

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