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So that to integrate experiences

Personally, I've had some new experiences lately! I have been doing a lot of integration!

I find myself using the tools we teach on a daily basis and feeling all the feels it's completely ecstatic.

And I often wonder at this point

What now?

After the expansion I return home to myself and integrate new experiences. I find myself in a space of reflection and growth.

I approached this novel adventure with careful planning, putting in my best efforts to ensure success, and in the grand scheme of things, it paid off. However, as I look back upon what we've encountered, it's only natural for me to have a whirlwind of emotions or the feared contraction.

How do I process this whirlwind of emotions and integrate experiences without having the crash after or contraction?


  • The word "integrate" comes from the Latin word "integratus" which is the past participle of "integrare". "Integrare" means "to make whole". "Integer" means "whole, complete".

It's through this introspection and integration that we truly evolve and continue on our path towards personal and collective growth.

I wanted to share some of the ideas and practices I have for integration.

I did a dyad with another blueprint coach ( You can even do this practice solo), and am going to share what appeared for me.

My prompt was

"Tell me something to do for integration"

Ideas for integration

Create an aftercare plan.

Create an integration plan.

Immediately after the experience, discuss,think about what was great about that?

Save what could make it better, for a day or so later

Create a reconnection time with yourself and with your partner

Ask yourself the same question for 15min. (Dyad) Example: Tell me something about your experience or tell me something you desire…list it all out and see what appears

Grounding time with self for no thinking

Do something creative, no thinking

Tune back into the positive feelings of the experience and create a anchor

Write in a journal.

Share with a trusted friend or community member.

Bike ride

Create a playlist.

Cook something special.



Breath work

Reading and researching related materials.

Immersing yourself in something mindless reading a movie and activity.

Body work

Emote- feel all the feelings, something else will eventually appear

Movement And physical activity.

Sound and music.

Be a nature.

Reflect on what was learned from the experience

Here is an article

Here are some book recommendation


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