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Revolutionizing Men's Sexual Health: The Untapped Power of Pelvic Floor Therapy for Men

Is there pelvic floor therapy for men? Yes!

While pelvic floor therapy is commonly associated with women, its benefits extend seamlessly to men, offering improvements in sexual performance, muscle control, and overall sexual satisfaction.

Being a licensed Sex Coach and Erotic Blueprint Coach (™) located in St Petersburg, FL. I have worked with thousands of people. I don't think I've met one who could not benefit from pelvic floor therapy.

Clients often come to me with their most personal and vulnerable sexual questions and challenges. From a coach's perspective, I assess situations and create action plans with my clients to move forward and realize their goals. I address the mind, the body spirit, energy and emotions. A great coach doesn't have to know everything, they just need to have a great referral to someone that does! 

The Mind, body, spirit and emotions are all connected

Starting the coaching process, one of the first things I advise people to do is address their actual physical health and biology. Doctors and other medical professionals can give you valuable information on what's going on in your physical body. Hormones, aging, past surgeries, injuries can impact the way that the body experiences sensation and response to stimulus. Tension, trauma, emotions and experience can accumulate in our body especially the hips and pelvis. Afterall the root and sacral chakra is there. Often, we don't realize the impact it has on the body, for example creating energetic blocks and uncomfortable sensations. In addition to mental and emotional dysregulation. Resulting in my recommending pelvic floor therapy(PFT).

What is Pelvic Floor Therapy for Men?

PFT is a specialized form of physical therapy that focuses on assessing, treating, and strengthening the muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues in the pelvic region to address issues such as pelvic pain, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction.I have witnessed PFT produce fascinating results that expand into all areas of the human experience.

Why should men go to a pelvic floor therapist? 

Here are some reasons I recommend PFT for men/ cock bodies.

There are numerous advantages of pelvic floor therapy for men, including improved sexual performance, enhanced muscle control, and increased blood.. Therefore contributing to a healthier and more satisfying sex life.

Some people experience pelvic pain for reasons such as pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, cysts, scar tissue, inflammation, or nerve issues. When you experience pelvic floor dysfunction, it can contribute to sexual issues in men, such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, even incontinence or constipation.

After prostate surgery or other pelvic surgeries, men may benefit from pelvic floor therapy to aid in the recovery process.

It's essential to mention that these issues can be complex and may have multiple contributing factors. A healthcare professional, such as a urologist or a primary care physician, may be involved in the diagnosis and treatment process, working collaboratively with a pelvic floor therapist to address the specific needs of the individual. Challenges may appear when looking for a PFT for men. Mostly we see PFT recommended for women/vulva bodies. Lucky for us we know a kink and LGBTQ+ friendly, highly skilled expert in PFT for men.

Meet Charles Dudley MPT, COMT of

Davenport Pelvic Therapy in Florida. 

Charles specializes in men's pelvic floor therapy for peak sexual performance and health. 

We are honored to have him presenting at St Pete Retreat. 

Purchase tickets on Eventbrite. Contact Charles if you want to have a consultation to see how PFT can benefit you and/or your partner.

Contact Charles

Davenport Pelvic Therapy

PO Box 2029

Davenport, FL  33836

Phn/txt 863-486-3708


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