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September Once A Munch Topics: Desire and Sex Tech

Have you had any sex tech experiences?

Why or why not?

Is sex tech ruining irl relationships and experiences?

Let's discuss Thursday


7pm at

Once A Munch

Fourth Thurs of every month

At St Pete Retreat

September topics are

Desire and

Sex Tech

What Is Sex Tech?

Sex tech is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Sex tech is a field of technology that aims to enhance or innovate sexual experiences. Examples include:

VR-enabled sex toys, bluetooth-enabled sex toys, sex robots, sexual wellness apps and more

There is even such a thing as a sex Tech school!

“The School covers everything you need to know to start or continue your career in Sextech: condensed and digestible overview of the industry, tips and frameworks on how to look for trustworthy sources of information and research, sessions on how to launch your own business and/or find an employment in SexTech, ...

Sextech School

These innovations have not only enhanced personal pleasure but have also paved the way for new avenues of sexual education and communication. According to recent studies, the Sextech industry is experiencing exponential growth, with a projected market value of over $50 billion by 2025.Jun 22, 2023

The Rise of Sextech: A Comprehensive Guide - LinkedIn

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Date: Thu, Sep 28, 7:00 PM

Location: St. Petersburg

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