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What is a Munch?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Have you ever wondered about what kink and taboo means to you?

In blueprint language, anything that is taboo to you, is kink!

It doesn't have to be what you read in a book or saw on a screen. Kink is highly individual. It's important to explore the things that interest us even if they're considered outside of social norms or just different. By doing so, we are able to be true to ourselves and discover what truly brings us happiness and turn on.

Unfortunately, the fear of judgment and discrimination often prevents individuals from seeking the pleasure that is their divine birthright, leading to emotional and mental health disparities and societal issues. Moving through this fear can be challenging.

Often, we need compassionate, non-judgmental, encouraging support from others to embody the courage and vulnerability needed to explore safely. This is one of the reasons we created Once A Munch.

What is a munch?

It's a casual way for people in and/or interested in the BDSM scene to meet and discuss taboo topics, typical around food and/or drinks.

No commitment needed other than showing up and sharing authentically. This event is about connecting and meeting folx who have similar interests, without the pressure of being in a play space.

Our mantra is “Don’t yuck anyone’s yum” so all yum’s are welcome and open for discussion!

Once A Munch - SWEET & SPICY

Each month we will be discussing new topics and ideas to penetrate thought and discussion. (be sure to sign up for our emails so you can be the first to know topics and get exclusive invites to our private adult events)

It's also a potluck - Bring a Snack or Bev to Share

Open to all: Poly, Mono, Kinky, Curious, Queer, Questioning, Couples, Singles

Come meet other local kinksters, enjoy some snacks and discuss your favorite ways to play!

Embracing our unique interests and desires can be immensely beneficial. It allows us to fully express ourselves and experience personal growth and deepen intimacy, leading to greater self-awareness, more pleasure, and confidence.

So, don't be afraid to explore your inner desires and what makes you happy, even if it's considered taboo by society. Remember, being true to yourself is the most important thing.

Join other humans exploring and embracing their taboo and kink at our monthly event

Once a Munch

7pm to 9pm

The 4th thursday of every month

At St Pete Retreat

in St Petersburg FL

Suggested Donation $10-20

A portion of the donations will benefit National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

Ravenala Enterprises ~ St. Pete Retreat

****We will send you an address upon RSVP check you confirmation email****

Facilitated by Johnny Vajra, Conscious Kink Practitioner and Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach, Sex and Hippieness Coach; founder of and founding partner of St. Pete Retreat”

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