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What happens at tantra class ? Tantra Essentials and Tantra Movement in St Petersburg, FL

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Are you curious about Tantra but unsure about what to expect at a tantra class? Don't worry; we've got you covered. Tantra is a holistic practice that combines breath, sound, movement, and sensation awareness to reconnect with your body, spirit, and pleasure. Here's a guide to help you prepare for your Tantra class experience with Stacie Ysidro at St Pete Retreat in St Petersburg, FL.

  • Body reveals: any body sensation you notice in your body says what the sensation is and where it is. Examples:

    • Tension in my neck

    • Tingles in hands

    • Openness in my chest

  • Popcorn shares: say out loud a word or two. I'll Give you a prompt like

"popcorn out __________" A body reveal, a thought, image, emotion or a body sensation…at that time speak out loud to the group an answer to the prompt.

  • Blue flowers

  • Waves through my body

  • Joy

  • Sharp spikes in hip

  • Accept the 1st thing that comes up during your experience.

    • Without judgment

    • Witness the (thought, image, body sensation, emotion or feelings)

    • Allow it to be there

    • Allow anything else to appears and Witness that too

      • If it intense and not moving along: make a sound

      • Move!

      • Breathe into and through it

  • Presence: The mind will naturally wander

The practice is coming back to the moment sooner than later. The more we practice, the longer we stay present and the less often we wander. When you are having a hard time being present

  • focus on your breath

  • Bring attention back to body sensations

  • Add touch

  • Make a sound

  • Use your imagination and try visualization of the breath, sound, energy, sensation or feeling

  • Sounds: Invitation to make sounds! Sound moves energy, pleasure, emotion through our bodies, so it doesn't stay stuck and create tension or blockage.

    • Our ability and willingness to make sounds are directly related to, our ability to speak into our needs and boundaries

    • Play around with making sounds there's no judgments here

    • Sometimes we will all make a sound in unison example: a vowel sound for a chakra, and animal noise, word, mantra

    • You may feel called to make sounds as you are moving energy, go for it!

    • It's silly and fun!

  • Curiosity: Our mind will naturally judge something as good, bad, and everything in between.

    • Embrace your inner 5 year old that always asks "why?".

    • Acknowledge the pattern of judgment and then ask why? What if this was something else?

    • This is an opportunity for you to NOT have to "know all the answers" , prove yourself or anything, be right or wrong. You have permission to BE accordingly.

    • Nothing is true, and everything is true. We're just trying things on. If they don't fit, we don't have to wear them. And we will never know unless we try.

  • Participation:

    • The more you participate, the more you benefit from tantra class , get value out of, the experience.

    • Play full out! Participate to the best of your ability. Give yourself permission to play to your edges. You're in a safe space and container to do so.

    • Say pass out loud if you don't want to share. Verbalizing your desire not to share helps to

      • create confidence.

      • Is empowering

      • it is a practice of speaking and to your needs, desires, and boundaries.

      • It allows you to acknowledge to yourself, and to the group that you acknowledge the opportunity to share and are choosing not to respond.

  • Breathing: Breath is life. Breathing moves energy, pleasure and emotion through our bodies. Breathwork helps to process experiences, move through them with more grace and ease so they don't get stuck and cause further disruption/trauma/unwanted effects.

  • Confidentiality. In order for us all to feel at ease. Being ourselves, confidentiality is key. By attending an event you are agreeing to the container agreements. One of them is confidentiality.

  • Care:

    • Self:

      • Get water, use the restroom as needed. You do not have to ask for permission. I will also give breaks or make suggestions of when we are transitioning and it's a good time to go.

      • If you need to sit down, need a chair or pillow or want to stand, you are welcome to do so.

      • Ask questions and honor your own boundaries. If a touch movement or sound is suggested and you are not comfortable doing so you don't have to. Do what feels best for you in your body. That's why you're here.

      • If you do need support at any time, please ask for assistance. If you need to step out for quiet, tell someone on the team so we know where you will be and for how long so we know that you are taking care of yourself and when to check on you if you are not back within that time.

      • You are welcome to schedule a 15 min call with Stacie to follow up.

    • Space

      • please use trash cans located in bathroom, sunroom, outside

      • water- There is a water machine in the bar area that dispenses filtered hot and cold water. You may refill your bottle or use a cup at any time.

      • There are extra Yoga mats, pillows, blankets if needed grab one or ask if you can't find what you need, roll mat up/fold blanket after class.

      • Smoking outside the sunroom ashtrays provided

  • Invitation to be where you are at. You are exactly where you are supposed to be for your greater good

  • Have fun!

My hope is that you will be better prepared for your Tantra class experience. Embrace the journey, connect with yourself, and enjoy the transformative power of Tantra. It's an opportunity to explore, grow, and discover new aspects of yourself in a safe and supportive environment..


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