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Having concerns about sexuality and religion? Or Spirituality and sexuality?

Having concerns around religion and sexuality? Or spirituality and sexuality?

It is common among people of all ages. Exploring sexuality is a natural part of being a human. As humans, we also tend to have a yearning for a purpose and connection to something greater than us. I believe that all religions and spiritual paths, at their core, ultimately have the greater good at heart. Unfortunately our human minds, judgments and agendas often influence the way that these beliefs and values are implemented in our culture and society.

Religious, spiritual beliefs, cultural beliefs, family values and societal standards influence sexuality. Our attitudes, ideals and beliefs around sexuality can encourage us to be more authentic to who we are, experiencing freedom or they can be used to condemn, guilt, shame and control us. Today I choose freedom and so can you.

As advocates for spiritual freedom, we honor and respect all religions and spiritual beliefs regardless of whether or not they are the same as ours.

We believe that there are ways for you to explore sexuality regardless of your religion, spiritual beliefs, cultural identity or socio economic status. You can honor your values and moral standards and still be true and authentic to yourself without guilt and shame.

Part of our core values and our container agreements are.

Consciousness, care, consent and curiosity. They relate to the topic of spirituality, religion and sexuality because.

By practicing consciousness, we are aware that people have different values and beliefs and we choose to honor and respect them. We practice care for ourselves by honoring our own values and staying true to them and going through the process of repair when we don't. We practice care for others by allowing them to be where they're at and meeting them there, without judgment, with compassion and empathy.

We practice consent by asking permission to give advice, our opinion, Before giving or receiving any type of touch, or sharing of personal information.

We stay curious in order to learn more about ourselves, others and to create an environment of unconditional love.

As we get older and have more life experiences, sometimes our desires change. When what was working for us in the past, no longer works for us today. You might think that there's something wrong with you. The truth is that there's nothing wrong with you, you are not broken.

Sexuality is fluid throughout our lives and it's a natural process for us to like different things at different times of our life. We may explore gender, sexual preferences, relationship styles, fetishes or activity different than what we were told was accepted.

None of this exploration defines you as a person. Your experiences do not define who you are as a person. You can have lots of different experiences and they still do not define who you are as a whole being, regardless of whether you chose them or not.

When we attach our identity to our experiences and the activities that we're doing, we limit our capacity to experience joy, peace, pleasure, and ability to connect with others and experience deep levels of intimacy and fulfillment. Yes, our experiences contribute to who we are as a person and they ultimately do not define our identity…

Unless you let them.

One of the benefits of getting older is that we have more experiences. We learn to take more personal responsibility, therefore, we have the ability to change our minds and change our experience. This applies to sexuality and relationships. If something is no longer satisfying and fulfilling to you, you have the resources available to you to make the changes in your life necessary to be more satisfied and fulfilled. Sex coaching is a great way to start to explore sexuality and relationships in a way that is aligned with your religious and spiritual beliefs and values. As Certified Sex Coach's we simply help you assess your situation and where you're at and define and clarify. What it is that you actually want. Then we find the easiest, most pleasurable next steps for you to take to get to where you want to be.

You do not have to have something wrong or a problem or challenge in order to seek out sex coaching, although that may be why you are reading this now.

You may simply enjoy sexuality and want to explore more of what's possible. This is actually one of the most common reasons people attend our events and retreats.

As Certified Sex Coaches, we give you credible resources for you to explore on the topics you are interested in. We can offer sex education, effective communication methods, creative tips and tricks you can practice. When asked, we are willing to share our personal experience and advance all while NOT telling you what to do.

We partner with you on your journey. We help you navigate and shift course when you find necessary. We offer support, accountability and lots of celebration!

In conclusion, we invite you to feel more comfortable exploring sexuality and relationships within the framework of your religious and spiritual beliefs.

We recognize the inherent human need for purpose and connection while navigating societal influences on sexual attitudes. It is important to honor diverse beliefs, in order to advocate for a liberated and authentic approach to sexual expression.

Our hope is by introducing our core values a supportive environment is achieved for all to explore safely. The dynamic nature of sexuality throughout life underscores the benefits of seeking sex coaching as a means to align personal beliefs and values, ultimately facilitating a fulfilling and enriching sexual journey.

Please contact us now if you are ready to explore what's possible.

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