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Hot tip for intigration no one wants to tell you

Updated: 4 days ago

Want to know the hot tip for integration that no one really talks about ?

The transformative power of updating one's wardrobe to align with personal growth and authenticity.

I'm talking about being in full expression of the self. The inside and the outside feel in alignment, clothes are decorations for our temple, body. Dressing for your comfort, intention and self expression.

Have you ever gone to your closet and felt like nothing feels right?

I've noticed as I evolve my choice of clothing and decoration for my body as my temple shifts and changes

So here is the tip…

I have found that by updating my wardrobe has assisted and integration process of me evolving into the next latest greatest version of me.

I have slowly started creating a pile of stuff that I no longer enjoy wearing weather it's because my environment and lifestyle have shifted and there's no longer a need for that item or if I just don't feel like it's a full and authentic expression of self. You can always do the if it brings you Joy keep it and I found that I have a tendency to get sentimental.

We encourage you to take a gradual approach to decluttering and refreshing clothing choices as a reflection of your evolution.

In the past I only had lingerie and gym clothes and a few things for mom duty. In retrospect that means I was really only expressing on the outside three parts of me. I was only letting you see three parts of me.

Today I have items in my closet that allow me to be all of me for function and for pleasure.

I have items in my closet that allow me to dress for each part of me. Giving me the gift of allowing myself to be seen heard and felt.

Doing this practice regularly a little bit at a time has helped me titrate the energy of my evolution. Sometimes doing a massive overhaul can be confronting and overwhelming. I find I evolve little bits at a time so it made perfect sense to address my wardrobe the same way.

My invitation for you is next time you're in your closet and getting that feeling put a couple items aside

Then, bring all of those items

July 13th 2024 at 2pm to 6pm

to our annual community event—

Business Suits to Birthday Suits ,

a pool party clothing exchange and charity donation—where participants can swap items and donate to local charities.

The event promotes the integration practice, personal style exploration and community bonding, emphasizing inclusivity and self-expression in a relaxed, social setting.

We all bring our past self items and exchange with each other and try stuff on for fun.

Last year everyone walked away with a new favorite item and some amazing outfits. Everything that is left over from the exchange we take to local charities.

Even if you don't have any items from your closet to donate you're welcome to bring an item listed requested by the local charities

Business suits to birthday suits is a really fun event it is clothing optional (Community Agreements) and potluck style

bring a towel and a snack or beverage to share and let's have a great lazy afternoon

by the pool!

If you are feeling especially indulgent we invite you and your partner to stay for

Couples Sensual Massage Class

Green chili pepper event

after the pool party

July 13th 2024

starting at 7:00pm

This is a great way to wind down after relaxing by the pool.

For event address

Donation Items accepted:

New Children’s Toys: All ages, unwrapped

Men’s Shorts/Pants

Men’s Socks and Boxers: (New only)

Men’s Shirts

Women’s Clothing

Winter Jackets

Blankets for our homeless, no heavy quilts please

Hygiene: new/unopened full size & travel size

Rain ponchos

Items NOT accepted

Damaged clothing

Dirty/stained clothing

Clothing with foul odors

Used undergarments/socks

Damaged Shoes

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